Smart Intersection

The sub-project “Smart Intersection” addresses the area near urban intersections. Often, these intersections have high to saturated demand and are controlled by traffic lights. Surrounding building fronts near the street limit the available traffic area. The traffic situation is characterized by high total traffic demand from a variety of road users with differing requirements: motor vehicles, public transport, cyclists, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles.
“Smart Intersection” – driver assistance “intersection controller”

The focus is thus on innovative vehicle and traffic technologies that will enable efficient, environmentally, climate-friendly traffic at urban intersections. The solutions will also help road users with quite different requirements and priorities to coexist within the confined space for traffic movements that is typical of urban intersections.

The sub-project “Smart Intersection” is concerned with cooperative data exchange between traffic signals, motor vehicles, public transport, emergency vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, with the aims of saving energy and optimizing traffic flow. In this context, the sub-project aims to create assistance and information systems that cooperate with intelligent infrastructure to increase traffic capacity and reduce fuel consumption and emissions toward levels approaching the performance of intersection-free stretches of road.