Regional Network

The sub-project "Regional Network" will work toward development of an efficient transport system to ensure socially and environmentally sustainable and safe mobility of people and goods. Routing tasks through metropolitan areas use information at the network level. Up to now, decisions have been based on static data such as travel time curves and rudimentary knowledge of the current traffic state. Traffic management strategies have not been available to vehicle systems for driver assistance or route guidance.
“Regional Network” – Aims and goals

The sub-project “Regional Network” is concerned with extension of traffic management to include environmental aspects and to distinguish various vehicle energy sources (e.g., diesel, hybrid, electric) in the development of urban strategies and route guidance. 

The resulting routing recommendations – “energy optimized routes” – will depend on the vehicle type and its energy concept. These recommendations, as well as high-resolution traffic information, will be transmitted to vehicles to support autonomous optimization of route choice in the vehicle. Technologies in vehicles and devices using geographic position via GPS and location systems via GSM will enable high-resolution traffic information on a wider scale.  As a result, improved optimization of network traffic loading with respect to global criteria (such as traffic efficiency and emissions) is expected, taking individual variables (vehicle and drive types) into account.